Become an Oxford AQA Exams school

Become an Oxford AQA School

If you are interested in offering our qualifications at your school, you first need to become an approved centre.

The application process is easy, and right now, it's also free.

That means if your application is successful, you can start offering Oxford International AQA Examinations without any financial outlay.

Interested in applying for centre approval? Read through the following four steps to see how you can offer international qualifications that reflect the latest UK standards.


Fill in our Expression of Interest form.


We’ll send you an application pack with more information about your responsibilities as an approved centre.

The application form will ask you to confirm that your school can provide the following facilities:

  • Appropriate personnel arrangements for receiving and storing exam papers from Oxford International AQA Examinations.
  • Secure, locked areas on site designed for keeping examination papers.
  • Suitable accommodation for students to sit their exams.
  • Arrangements in place for assessing and accommodating students with special access requirements.
  • A centre email address and sufficient internet connection to communicate with Oxford International AQA Examinations.
  • Written child protection, data protection and disability policies.



If your application is initially approved, we will inspect your school at a date that is convenient for you.


If your overall application is successful, you will receive an online Welcome Pack with log-ins to our online resources and a plaque for your reception area. You are now an Oxford AQA Exams approved centre – so you can start teaching our qualifications!