Why Oxford AQA Exams?

Why Oxford AQA?

Oxford International AQA Examinations reflect the latest UK standards for increased rigour.

As a British curriculum school, naturally you want your results to be aligned with schools in the UK, now and in the future.

That's why our International GCSEs are based on the forthcoming 9-1 grading structure that will be implemented in England from 2017, replacing the existing A*-G system.

We have retained the flexible modular benefits of AS qualifications, whilst ensuring they meet the rigour and standards of the new linear UK A-levels.

This all means students have the assurance that their qualifications are sufficiently flexible whilst also being relevant, opening opportunities wherever they decide to go in the future.

It also helps schools demonstrate vision and ongoing commitment to quality, giving them an edge over schools teaching older qualifications.

Oxford International AQA Examinations aims to improve education through excellence in teaching, learning and assessment.

We are a joint venture between Oxford University Press, a department of the University of Oxford, and AQA, the UK's leading academic awarding body.

Drawing on over 100 years of exams experience, we are meticulous about how we develop our qualifications. So when you choose Oxford International AQA Examinations, you can be sure the results your students receive accurately reflect their true abilities.

AQA's dedicated research centre informs educational policy in the UK and helps us to improve the quality of our international qualifications year on year.

This allows us to achieve consistent quality and enables students to progress with high quality assessments that are valued by universities around the world.

We provide a wide range of resources for teachers with on-the-ground support.

Oxford International AQA Examinations provides teachers with all the support they need to teach our qualifications effectively.

Resources include Schemes of Work, Specimen Assessment Resources with Mark Schemes and exam preparation tools such as Exampro™ and Enhanced Results Analysis™.

Prepare to Teach training sessions provide teachers with all the practical advice and information they need to teach our qualifications with confidence.

These can be supplemented with ongoing training over the course of the year, so that teachers feel supported at all times.

Throughout the year, our regional consultants are available to visit you, answer your questions and put you in touch with our experts.

You'll find our consultants at local events, allowing you to keep up to date with the latest curriculum changes and teaching techniques.

Oxford International AQA Examinations 2016/17 prospectus

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